East + West: My Treatment Protocol

Having really focused on my nutrition and gut issues over the past few and learning more about functional medicine and integrative health I wanted to really attack this cancer from all angles: traditional medicine and functional medicine.

The problem is, these two camps don’t always agree, leaving me, the patient, to try to navigate how to leverage the best of both worlds.

First day of chemotherapy! All smiles, lets get this!! Got my port installed the night before and my eyebrows micro bladed 2 days before!

Thankfully there is a lot of research out there on newer cancer treatment protocols that leverage nutrition and supplements to help shrink tumors and also help dilute the effects of chemotherapy. I found the book, The Metabolic Approach to Cancer by Dr. Nasha Winters ND FABNO L.Ac Dipl.OM. Nasha was able to “cured” her stage IV ovarian cancer that she was diagnosed with more than 22 years ago though nutrition and the “terrain.” The main focus is on reducing sugar and carbs and focusing on organic vegetables and meats. Her patients and others who follow functional medicine has show success with intermittent fasting and the Ketogenic diet and thankfully those were already protocols I was familiar with and living.

I also received support by my functional medicine provider Dr. Maxine Barish Wreden who echoed the the approach by Nasha Winters and also a focus on spirituality and meditation. And lucky me, my brother Justin and his girlfriend Sachi are into holistic living and have provided me lots of information and supplements!

General Care

  • Daily morning sunlight exposure
  • Exercise (less than 60 minutes / less than 30 HIIT)
  • Sauna 3-4 times/week
  • Daily stress practice – meditation, walks, 4-7-8 breath
  • Remove toxins in house


  • Keto cycles (month on/off)
  • Intermittent fasting 16:8 or 18:6 most days
  • No sugar or processed foods
  • Organic
  • Chemo: Fast 24 hours before and day of. Drink organic broth, tea and decaf coffee
  • Slow cooking, low heats, no bbq
  • Alkaline water
  • Food Fighters (organic): Watercress, leafy greens, onions, garlic, tumuric, cruciferous vegetables


My chemotherapy regime is once every 3 weeks for four months. So six treatments total, around 4-6 hours each time. And then for the following remainder of a year I have to go in to get my targeted therapies on the same schedule. My “chemo cocktail” includes:

  • Taxotere (Chemotherapy)
  • Paraplatin (Chemotherapy)
  • Ibrance (Targeted therapy)
  • Herceptin (Targeted therapy)

After chemotherapy (if all stays on track my last date is scheduled for July 4 – cheers to independence), I will need surgery and have to weigh the pros and cons of a lumpectomy vs mastectomy. And then radiation. And then reconstruction if needed. It’s going to be a journey for sure but each step will hopefully get me closer to being cancer free.

Medication Dose Note Source
Dexamethasone 1 by mouth 2xper day for 3 days. Start day before chemo. Pharmacy
Levofloxicin 1/day for 7 days. Start day 6 after chemo prophylaxis to prevent bacterial infection in chemotherapy Pharmacy
Prochlorperazine 1 every 6 hours as needed for nausea Pharmacy
Ondansetron 1 by mouth every 8 hours as needed for nausea Pharmacy
Lidocaine Apply to port 1 hour prior to use Pharmacy


Strengthening my immunity and gut. Hopefully counteracting effects of chemotherapy to my good cells.
Supplement Dose Note Source
Vitamin D 2,000-5,000 IU per day Justin/Sachi
Fish Oil 2000-3000 MG Not on chemo day
Curcumin 500-1000 2x/day or use turmeric with black pepper Justin/Sachi
Turkey Tail Mushroom 1500 – 4000 mg 2x/day In OM mix
Coenzyme Q10 100 mg Check for contraindications with chemo Have
Nori Seaweed 2 sheets/day
Green Tea or Green Tea Extract 3-5 Cups/day
Ashwagandha 500 mg 2x/day Gaia Herbs; thrive market; $14
EVOO 2-3 tablespoons/day Have
Flaxseed Meal 1-2 tbs 2x/day Have
Melatonin 1-20 mg 1 hour before bed. 1-3 mg Source Naturals; thrive; $9
Essiac Tea
Enzyme Raw enzyme for women; thrive market; $36
Paul de Arco Tea All day, drink as much as you can. Justin/Sachi
Pea Powder 2 times a day Justin/Sachi
OM Mushroom 2 tsp/day Justin/Sachi
AHCC That’s 1,000 mg in the morning, 1,000 mg in the afternoon, and 1,000 mg at night IMMUNITY $64.95 Amazon (Justin ordered)
GI Rescue 2 tablespoons a day IMMUNITY Justin/Sachi (Ordered)
Immunity Matrix 1-2 teaspoons a day IMMUNITY Justin/Sachi(Ordered)
Bag of Tricks 2 tablespoons a day IMMUNITY Justin Sachi (Ordered)
Reduced Glutathione, Supports Liver Health IMMUNITY Justin/Sachi (Ordered)
Methyl Folate (B12) 1 Pill a day Justin/Sachi (Ordered)

5 thoughts on “East + West: My Treatment Protocol

  1. Thank you so much for your concise communication. Actually I am going to pass on to a friend your eastern regime. Mind over matter and prayer totally works! You have a million prayers coming your way. Much love Carolyn and Richard


  2. You are simply amazing! I love hearing your voice through your writing. You shine bright – keep letting it shine!


  3. Sara, your strength and determination will carry you through this journey. Your heartwarming smile to those around you and amazing attitude will help your girls to see what a wonderful strong Mom they have in you. Keep up the great work, you are awesome! Xoxo


  4. You are a rock star. I love that you are using eastern health wisdom along with your treatments.
    You are a light my friend and are in my daily prayers.
    Mary Daffin


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