Next Phase – Nutritional Therapy

I was looking for a notepad at work and flipped to this page a few days ago. This is what I wrote when I received “the call” on March 8, 2018 – 2 years ago. That last word METASTATIC is what did me in. Over the following week through testing I learned that my breast cancer had moved to my lymph nodes but not to any other organs so the word METASTATIC became less scary and lit a 🔥 in me that I wouldn’t stop researching, I wouldn’t stop fighting and I would keep my head held high.

Even though this was 2 years ago and I am a ‘survivor’ – I am also a life long patient. Most of the things I do, take and eat are for a purpose- to keep my cells happy and healthy and to maintain homeostasis in my body so I don’t have to hear that word METASTATIC again.

Homeostasis is a word I’ve heard of in the past, but when I started my training a few weeks ago to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I started to understand my body even more from the smallest chemical level to my body as a whole system. And how our bodies have the innate ability to heal – but we need to have homeostasis for our cells to do their jobs. I am in school with the Nutritional Therapy Association so I can learn how to keep my cells operating at their best, and so I can help others do the same. My goal is to volunteer as a “patient advocate” for those who are going through or have been through a cancer journey. During my own experience, I consulted with nutritionists, integrative medicine oncologists, health coaches and read a lot to understand how to optimize my body “holistically” and help my body bounce back from “conventional” treatment. I know not everyone will have the resources to do the same, so my goal is to be able to take my learning and hopefully help others.

Want to be my practice client?

As part of my studies to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association, I’m required to go through the clinical process with a couple of practice clients. This is FREE, would be thorough, and would provide a set amount of ongoing support! Things to consider: Are you experiencing any health concerns that you would like help with including fatigue, bloating, headaches, sleep, difficulty concentrating, hormonal issues, immune conditions, or weight loss? Or maybe you just want to make some healthy changes! Are you motivated to make some changes for your health, but aren’t sure where to start? Would you like to learn more about overall nutritional health and well-being? Are you able to take on the time commitment? This would be around 4 months. In general, there would be 3 different evaluation “packages”– one initial and 2 follow-up– with defined email and phone support in between, although we can meet more frequently if that is something you desire! If this sounds like you and you would like some more information, please let me know!

3 thoughts on “Next Phase – Nutritional Therapy

  1. Hi Sarah, I’m so thrilled about what you’re doing and know that Joan(your g-ma) would be so proud of you.

    Have you found anyone yet? If not, let me tell you about me. My Dr. had said that the 7 plus year trauma that I have gone through with my divorce, loss of home, loss of career and loss of family members and good friends has taken years off my life and I believe him. I feel that if I don’t do something differently I will make that statement a truth.

    Would you be interested in helping me and allowing me to be your student? Is it OK that I don’t live nearby?

    I look forward to seeing you, Tyler, Maile, and Lucy Lucy soon, regardless of your decision. With kind and loving regards, Monica Lowry



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